Bastille: Reorchestrated

The Reorchestrated Wild World tour will see the band performing with an orchestra and choir. Tickets are on sale now.


Bastille have announced what promises to be a stunning Reorchestrated Wild World tour in April 2018.

The tour will see the band performing with an orchestra and choir showcasing reworkings of the highly acclaimed No. 1 albums Wild World and Bad Blood.

It was inspired by the Union Chapel show in May of this year for the Streets of London Charity where Bastille’s performance featured a choir and strings, a powerful departure from their Wild World arena shows.

Frontman Dan Smith explains “Earlier this year, we did a special one-off show to raise money for Streets of London, in it we deconstructed and totally rearranged a bunch of our songs using strings, brass, and a gospel choir. It was one of my favourite things we’ve ever been able to do.”

“We are incredibly excited to take that setup on the road for this Reorchestrated tour, which will see us playing some amazing venues and concert halls around the UK and Europe. It makes for a very different kind of Bastille show where we totally reframe and reimagine our songs with the help of some incredible musicians, in a special and intimate setting.”

Tickets for the Reorchestrated tour are on sale now. 

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